The Rescue – Story #011


Jael’s Judgment:

This was a short one. My review will also be short.

They sure replaced Susan quickly, and with almost exactly the same character. I like Vicki’s hair. I spent a good portion of these episodes trying to determine if Vicki’s dress was just far too short (Hey something else short!) or if she was wearing leggings. That’s about all I have for this one. I had higher hopes when I saw some previews with bug creatures. Secret doors were the best part of this story.

  • Story Grade: C+


Tony’s Take:

Ah, time to breath, these two-part stories are wonderful.  Sure, the plots are usually even more simple than usual, but it’s fun and the it does not allow the story enough time to feel like an eternity.

I just read Jael’s review, and it took me about 1 minute.  I agree, Susan’s departure was rather rushed and her replacement was nearly Susan 2.0; the looks, the screams, and the age all seem to point to Susan.  The new companion, Vicki, is introduced as an Earthing from the future that landed on a planet and is awaiting her rescue (henceforth the name of the story).

For being a two-episode story, the plot actually seemed well-structured and still packed with twists and turns.  I think I like this episode because of the condensed time while having the same amount of plot and story as a 4-episode arc.

Parents: Do not worry, Vicki is actually wearing pants.  The black and white nature combined with the awkward clothing choice make this wardrobe choice an unfortunate choice.  On the plus side, Vicki’s collar looks like Kermit the Frog’s, so children should be able to identify with this character.

Here are my notes:

The Doctor was SLEEPING! That’s rarely addressed, very weird to hear.
Planet Dido, they play the best adult contemporary hits. I wonder if Dido will ever collaborate with Planet Eminem, forming a multi-planet alliance called Stan.
Frilly lizard/bug dude!
The Doctor does not seem to be showing many signs of missing Barbara (if any).
Vicki’s collar looks a lot like Kermit the Frog’s.
Ian nearly gets poked with “razor-sharp” swords from a wall. A silly looking growling lizard thing in a pit is waiting for him to fall.
The man staying with Vicki seems to be pleasant (SARCASM).
And Barbara shoots the weird monster thing with a cheap flare gun. Vicki is mad, because Barbara killed him without knowing that he was not going to harm them.
The rescue ship is on the way! (But we know better, right?)
The Doctor knows better, geez Vicki!
By the way, it looks as though Vicki is pantless and wearing a super short dress. Nope, she has leggings on.
Hmmm, the man vanished when The Doctor came in. Escape doors, taped voices, and spying on the sounds in the main room. This guy is up to no good.
Yep, the dude was no good and killed the entire people on the planet.
The Doctor gets in a fight and is saved by two white princes.
The white dudes scare the man away and he falls to his death. Vicki gets picked up by The Doctor, a substitute for Susan.
  • Story Grade: B
  • There are some very iconic shots and moments in this story, unfortunately they come early and late, while the middle part drags quite long.


Again, thank you writing team, especially in conjunction with the scheduling programmer.  As I gushed about above, the two-episode set-up is a definite positive in my eyes.


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