The Space Museum – Story #015


Jael’s Judgment:

Every evening I come home after work and wish that there was already a tasty meal ready and waiting for me. Unfortunately for me, I think my husband feels the same way. So we are both left exhausted, hungry, and often sitting down for a Doctor Who adventure after consuming a less than satisfactory meal that costs us what little energy we had left to put together. So the first thing on my mind when viewing The Space Museum, is what happened to the Star Trek-ish nourishment producing machine on the TARDIS and how can I get one?

Best line of the entire episode is arguably when the two aliens stroll right past the TARDIS group as the group is speaking, making no indication that they hear or see the group what so ever. The Doctor concludes, “It is extremely doubtful that they are both deaf.” So true. So true.

I am betting there would be some sort of museum taking up an entire planet like this if there were hundreds or thousands of civilizations in some sort of relative grouping. Of course, I am no master of probability like the Doctor is, (eg. “It is extremely doubtful that they are both deaf.”) Speaking of odds, what are the odds that when the Doctor walks through the TARDIS while it is a different time, he does not run in to the dimension that the inside of the TARDIS is in? Or maybe I am mixing up time with other dimensions… Either way it is probably less likely than even the extremely doubtful situation of both of the aliens being deaf. 🙂  See even the Doctor has trouble solving the 4th dimension. I guess that’s why it’s just described as timey-whimey. This is why it strikes me as odd that they are all trying to figure out how to change the future. To me, whether the future they saw was the one which they are currently headed towards or a different one, seems to be down to chance.

We are all thinking it, I’m just going to say it, those Xerons have some super sweet eyebrows. I like how the only evolutionary difference between these aliens and humans is that the Xerons’ eyebrows are about an inch higher. And the Moroks, they just have amazing hair. (I think that Giorgio A. Tsoukalos models his after them. And he would know, they are aliens.) And then the Xerons say something like, “can’t you see we’re nothing alike?!” (in reference to the Moroks.) You know who is like the Moroks? My wonderful co-writer and husband. See below:


(L: Morok R: Tony)

Finally, in addition to the obvious scene with the Daleks at the end of the last episode, there is some foreshadowing regarding this enemy throughout the entire episode. Near the beginning of the story Barbara postulates that “Even the Daleks are friendly to some.” Ian guesses that it is improbable they will meet the Daleks again. To that I say, it is even less probable that all of the Daleks are deaf.

  • Story Grade: B-

Tony’s Take:

Dang, Jael took my favorite part, as well.  I even wrote in my notes:

“It’s extremely doubtful that they’re both deaf!” -Best Doctor quote ever?

It comes out of left-field; you might expect such a quote from Tom Baker, but from William Hartnell?!  What makes it even better is that I cannot tell if he is being sincere in his delivery of this line or if it was actually meant as a perfect line of observational humor.

With the talk of two deaf people just happening to be on patrol together, I’ll put the gears in reverse and go back to the beginning of the story.  There was something somewhat strange going on, everyone woke up with new clothes.  Did The Doctor strip everyone and re-dress them?  If you ask me, I would have made a much bigger deal of this, maybe because I prefer to be more like Tobias Fünke (but only in the “never nude” sense).

The only other point that I would like to talk about with just a little more depth is the fact that Vicki can be quite intelligent.  Between Vicki and Susan, both girls are quite smart, but since this show was set in a rather sexist period, their full capabilities were never really utilized, which is very sad.  Vicki has a decent grasp of time being a dimension, maybe a product of her time period, and The Doctor goes from being a crabby old grandfather scolding a child into treating Vicki as a smart student.

Favorite notes:

Vicki just reached through a museum piece, and The Doctor just wants to scold her and not listen.  The old coot is back!
We might not really be here!  Potentially trippy story.
After snarky remarks, The Doctor is taken to the preparation room.  The Doctor is not a snitch, he doesn’t sell out his companions so easily white-guy!!
Ian does NOT want to be on display, so he Hulk-smashed a piece if equipment.
The message of changing the future could have been done so much better… oh wait, that’s why we have Steven Moffat.
  • Story Grade: B-
  • Overall, this story is decent, flirts with being trippy (which could have been played out quite well) and it does a decent job to stay on point without going long.  This might be the first story where Time is really played with and is the plot-driver.


Thank you, Vicki, for showing that you are smart.  thank you Doctor, you did not snitch and you will be handsomely rewarded by the family.  Thank you to the writer who put the line about the two not-deaf guys.  (And for my ego and narcissism, thank you to me for incorporating Arrested Development into our Doctor Who blog.)


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