The Time Meddler – Story #017


Jael’s Judgment:

The adventures have started to meld into one huge, knotted up ribbon. I just had trouble remembering what story I am even supposed to be writing on. The only piece that my brain was clinging to was beards. I know that many people in the story had beards. Then, after blurting out “cranes!”making fake horns with my hands, and quite a bit of assistance from the hubs, I finally got Vikings. You would think that Scandinavian heritage and living in a state with a professional football team (even while despising football) would have made that an easier catch for me.

Anyway, so there were Vikings! One of which was named Sven. (So original.) Sven did not have a beard, instead he had a fantastic curly-que moustache.

The monk did not have a beard either. Just a monk-ish hair cut. And a little spoiler, though I am sure you will quickly recognize this, he is not a monk. In fact, big spoiler, he is from Gallifrey! It is nice to meet someone besides Susan and the Doctor from their home planet. It was also neat to see another time/space machine. It got me wondering when everyone started calling the ships TARDIS’. Susan should have gotten rights on that nickname.

Last note: I enjoyed the monks’ chanting.

  • Story Grade: B-


Tony’s Take:

We meet our first Time Lord that does not travel in the police-box TARDIS!  Even though they are not named Time Lords yet, we all know what The Monk and The Doctor really are, they are Time Lords from the planet Gallifrey; they both more than likely know The Master and other Time Lords we meet along the way.  Wait, why are all the men “The (Cool Mysterious Name)” and the lone woman we know of so far is just called “Susan”?!  How fair is that?!  (Right, ladies?!)  I could go back into all the -isms that Doctor Who unfortunately gets dragged through, but I’ll save that for a person with better skills with the pen than I.

Not only does my wife miss Barbara and Ian, but Vicki and The Doctor miss them… and I do too!  Steven snuck onto the TARDIS, and even after shaving his face, I still am not too keen on him.  I agree with The Doctor, “do not call (him) Doc!”  Even if it were a forgivable crime to call him Doc, Steven is boneheaded outside of the TARDIS as well; case in point, his stupid attack on a native to the Northumbria area.  Enough time on Steven already, I’ll write about him if he becomes somewhat interesting, but this is not his story.

So back to The Monk; if this were filmed today, The Monk may be an evil hipster, fooling all of the village and profiting by using a vinyl record in an anachronistic manner.  Sadly, it was not meant to be, he was just using the most readily accessible form of music media in the 1960s.  Dang, how The Doctor could be challenged today by a sly hipster Time Lord.  To quote River Song, “The mind races!”  (Sorry, couldn’t find a good video of the quote, but Lana Del Rey released one of my 10 favorite albums of 2012 and provides a great soundtrack for The Doctor and River Song.)

Wow, really got sidetracked, my bad.  Now on to a huge annoying flaw that is mentioned again and again; it’s either Steven’s dumbness shining, or a terrible mistake by the writers.  IT IS NOT THE TENTH CENTURY IF THE YEAR IS 1066!!!!  Enough said.

Let’s wrap it up now, shall we?  The Monk’s TARDIS is a newer model and the chameleon circuit still works, but The Doctor takes out the dimension circuit to render it virtually useless so that The Monk is trapped in ELEVENTH CENTURY England.

  • Story Grade: B-
  • Like that we saw another Time Lord, a very nice way to test the waters for the eventual Master character.


Thank you to The Monk for choosing to bring vinyl, is it this episode that hipsters grabbed a hold of and brought back vinyl?  I can neither confirm nor deny such a great observation.  Also, thank you to the writers for making Steven so unlikable in this episode, you really hammered home the point that we miss Ian and Barbara.


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