Galaxy 4 – Story #018


Jael’s Judgment:

This story was 4 episodes long, but to me it seemed short and sweet. We are in for a dose of several audio only stories.

The Chumblies will always hold a special place in my memory. I first listened to this story on my way to my first ever con, Chicago TARDIS. My mother teaching me to knit in the back seat if the car. Ah, good times. 🙂

The story itself was alright.  A planet on the verge of disaster. Evil women in green. Women that can remind one of ones self on the worst and most thoughtless days. We got to know Steven a little better. He seems alright, even sans beard, if not a bit rash. The Drahvins were intriguing. It was interesting comparing what Tony & I envisioned their appearance to be. I pictured a giant slimy blob, bluish green, with a few tentacles. Maybe a slimier and more liquid Jabba the Hutt.

However, after the adventure is completed all I find myself wondering, is what does Steven’s new haircut look like?

  • Story Grade: B-


Tony’s Take:

Like Jael said, this was the second time we listened to this story.  In fact, this was the first audio-only story that we had ever listened to, and it was fittingly on our way to Chicago TARDIS.  If I wasn’t so darn lazy I would go dig up a few pictures from our first Who-con, but having an external hard-drive in a different room than your laptop is the greatest first-world problem that one could face.  (I apologize, maybe I will post a separate entry once we finish all of our reviews… seeing how we don’t want to just close the blog once we review everything.)

I will admit, this story wasn’t the best of stories, but there must be something to be said for an audio-only story that actually holds your attention (for the most part).  Having a wide array of characters, it was easy to follow along, you didn’t get confused or lost along the way, and since it wasn’t a historical, I was a bit more focused.  If I were to focus on one area of this story, what would it be?…


Sounds like Chumlee, but you instantly know that they are a harmless and cute (Is that the right word?  Cute?!  Sure.) robot.


Hey, they even look like Chumlee a little, granted he is wearing a crown.

I have a soft spot in my heart for these Chumbly creatures/robots.  They are supposed to be helpers and are described as clumsy, it’s very much how I would describe my co-author of this blog (my wife, Jael).  She is a great helper, very sweet, but man is she ever clumsy.  I am lucky enough to see her wake up in the morning, which means that I get the pleasure of listening to her run into doors, clip the corner of the bed, or drop heavy things in the bathroom… she is my alarm clock.

It’s also funny how I also thought of Jael when Vicki asked The Doctor, “You think it’s a baby one?”  She was asking about a deactivated Chumbly, and I KNOW that my wife would ask a question like that, I just KNOW it.

Well, that’s all I really wanted to cover.  Listen to this adventure and draw your own conclusions.  Anyone else trying to watch/listen to every Doctor Who story?


And down goes Steven.  Knocked out like a victim of Mike Tyson!
The Rills would let the gang go if they cannot fix the ship in time.  They believe in self-preservation.  They would also save the Drahvins.  Rills sound nice and very ethical, like Time Lords in a way.
The Doctor is sick of being surrounded by danger.   I’d actually like a story of just pure adventure and fun stories, no “save the world”, just a frolic.  If done correctly, the stories could be of high interest.
  • Story Grade: B-
  • I don’t like to have an audio-story swayed by it’s lack of original form, but this lost story was not as hampered by the lack of moving pictures as others.  Plus, Chumblies!


Thank you to the writer who thought of the word Chumbly and to the prop department that put together the robot.  Even though we may not have video of the story, the stills of the Chumblies are wonderful.  Sure, they are Dalek-like, but they definitely draw a clumsy vibe.


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