The Highlanders – Story #031


Jael’s Judgment:

We get to meet Jamie! I am not sure why I am so happy about this. Maybe it is because he is tough even though he wears a kilt. Maybe it is because he is a piper. (On a side note he should take the TARDIS into my future and pipe at my funeral. I really want bagpipes played at my funeral.) Maybe it is the accent. Yeah, it’s probably the accent. Like Amelia Pond’s accent. Speaking of Amy, Inverness gets a shout out! And neither Karen Gillan (1960s) or Amelia Pond (1700s) were even born yet.

“Bonnie Prince Charles.” I am unfortunately guilty along with Ben, when the Doctor tells him he should have paid better attention in History class. Too bad I don’t know more about English history. They do mention the moor, and that I can connect with through books I have read. In fact, I just recently read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles. From all of the books I have read, I take it that the moor is a lovely spot for a romantic, historical adventure. The moors just seem so ancient and untouchable. This is of course written with no first hand knowledge of them.

Yay! We got to hear the phrase “Doctor who?” occurring naturally within conversation. And speaking of the Doctor, we are on our second full adventure with Troughton. I will admit that I thought the recorder was going to be seriously annoying. However we find the Doctor in a cell once again bringing out his recorder, and what a nice little ditty all of the prisoners sing together.

His second reincarnation is also a little edgier than the first. He brings more humor to serious situations. Apparently, from what I gather with only the audio, he even smacks a guard’s head into a desk as part of a plan. And then uses some rather silly jokes to fool his adversaries.

Finally Polly does something!!! She claims that crying is no good and takes action. And she has to remove her unpractical shoes! (This is a pet peeve if mine. I hate it when people in television/movies run about in impractical shoes.) And Polly figures out how to get money for her & the other woman and blackmail a soldier. I am so impressed. Where was this Polly in the last few adventures???

  • Story Grade: B


Tony’s Take:


The most prolific companion to date has finally entered the world of Doctor Who.  I could tell, in an instant, that Jael would love this character.  His Scottish-ness and kilt are too much for any lady to resist. (He says with heavy sarcasm.)  But in all seriousness, she really does enjoy Jamie, he’s a bit of a comedic tool (being from the past and not understanding futuristic things) and yet a very strong willed and courageous companion.  Now if only Doctor Who would pair him up with a solid female companion with a strong character (more than screaming and making coffee), you could have one of the best TARDIS-teams of all-time.

And then there is The Doctor, the genius that is Partick Troughton.  While scheming and trying to play the trickster, The Doctor gives the German alias “Doktor von Wer”… Doctor Who.  Awesome!

And then there is the other disguise of The Doctor.  As this story was all audio, I could only picture Patrick Troughton in a very Monty Python-esque scene:

I pictured The Doctor as the old woman in the clip above, as he tried to disguise himself as a lady.

And for good measure, my mind wandered and thought of further man/woman Monty Python skits.  this time something from Life of Brian:

Do you think that Patrick Troughton, being the top-notch performer that he was, went through that internal struggle for this role and really wanted to be a lady like Eric Idle’s character above?  You’re right, probably not.  But I am REALLY liking Troughton none-the-less.  To even compare Doctor Who to the wonderful Monty Python makes me happy.  Troughton really is making this show more enjoyable and lighthearted (in a good way).  The crankiness of The Doctor is gone, and the show seems much better suited for its audience of children.

And one last comparison of Doctor Who to other pieces of comedic genius.  When Jamie is described as a piper, I couldn’t help but immediately think of “So I Married An Axe Murderer”:

  • Story Grade: C+
  • This is more of a “historical story”, but the Troughton-y moments make it much more enjoyable than in the past.  Not my favorite story, but the new life gives it a better “listen”.


Thank you, Monty Python, quite possibly the greatest comedic group EVER.  Thank you and welcome, Jamie McCrimmon/Frazer Hines.  Thank you, Mike Myers.  I know that he is heavily influenced by British culture, as his father was from that side of the pond, so that definitely relates to this blog, right?